Hoplite Results

It is now possible to record the results for Hoplite



Actually :

  • There are currently (march 6) 1,548 results, for 186 scenarios.
  • The scenario most played is Chaeronae (75 results : 60 Macedonian Victory versus 15 Greek Vctory).


New Web Site

There is the new version of web site that allows you to save results from Great Battles Of History’s scenario (the previous one was : http://gboh.free.fr)

In this new version, there is no difference in the results between the simple and normal versions of the scenarios.
The results recorded in simple version were too few to give it a real trend, or the results recorded in simple version gave a similar trend to results in normal version.

There were too few really different result between the two versions for it requires to make a difference between the two.

Finally, all results from the previous site are listed.